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Welcoming a new addition to the family is such an exciting and sometimes overwhelming journey to embark on. The good news is that as parents residing in Atlanta, you can access various resources to help navigate during this time. Lamaze classes in Atlanta are invaluable resources to help you and your partner prepare for your journey! Lamaze classes provide expectant parents with a comprehensive parental education, From preparing you on what to expect for childbirth, practical breathing, relaxation, and comfort techniques to emotional support through such a crucial time. 


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Top 3 Lamaze Classes in Atlanta

Lamaze classes in Atlanta focus on natural birth techniques, relaxation, and breathing techniques. Lazame believes that no matter what your birth plan looks like, preparing and empowering parents leads to a boost in confidence, resulting in a better overall birth experience. In Atlanta, many healthcare providers, birth centers, or independent instructors host Lamaze classes. Whether you’re a first-time parent or adding to your growing family, exploring Lamaze classes in Atlanta promises a rewarding experience that sets the stage for a positive birth and parenting journey.

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1. The Atlanta Doulas 

Stephanie and Melissa are the duo team behind the brand The Atlanta Doulas. They provide an array of services, from birth classes to placenta encapsulation. This class is highly recommended for first-time moms or VBAC families. The Atlanta Doulas offer private Lamaze classes that focus on the physiology of birth, from using your five senses during the process to partner intervention. They also go into techniques and fetal positioning for labor and birth. The fantastic part about private Lamaze classes is that they will occur in the comfort of your own home! You will truly have one-on-one support working with the Atlanta Doulas. 

2. Two Doulas and You

Two Doulas and You is a network of Doulas serving the Metro Atlanta Area. They provide an array of in-person and virtual classes covering childbirth, lactation, and parenting. One perk of considering their classes is that you can choose from a private class or a group class. Some parents enjoy being around others experiencing the same changes in life, which can make you feel genuinely connected. No matter what your birthing plan looks like, medicated or unmedicated, home-birth or hospital setting, etc. Two Doulas and You believes in empowering everyone with the knowledge to help mentally and physically prepare for your journey.

3. Labor of Love 

Labor of Love, a group of trained birth and postpartum support professionals, offers comprehensive support classes in Metro Atlanta. These classes, recommended for both first-time and experienced parents, cover a wide range of topics, from birthing options to pain coping and partner support techniques. This comprehensive approach ensures that you feel reassured and well-prepared for your birth journey.

atlanta mother holding belly with flowers

Lamaze Classes In Atlanta

Choosing the perfect Lamaze Classes in Atlanta varies depending on your preferences. One of the first tips when looking for classes is to check the curriculum of the class you’re considering. You want to ensure the course topics align with what you envisioned for your birth journey and postpartum experience. Another good tip is to check the class size. Are you and your partner looking for a more private class, or would you prefer to be surrounded by other parents on the same journey? Last but not least, TIME! Some Lamaze Classes cover topics over six weeks, while others are much shorter. You want to make sure that you and your partner will be able to commit to learning and absorbing the material thoroughly, so take the time to look at schedules and ensure this aligns with both yours and your partner. 

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